Get a Little Reckless in Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution – iPad App Review

Top GearNobody knows cars like Top Gear, so when they release a game where you get to play driver to a host of fully customizable and entirely awesome vehicles you know it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Whether you take this opportunity to escape Alcatraz by leaping as far as you can or speed through a roller-coaster on a New York skyscraper with a cow on your pickup you can meet these challenges and more!

You can start the game by flying your car over the Grand Canyon, which sounds much more difficult than it actually is; though you will quickly learn that the game is very responsive to your movements and instruction (with fingertip set to the brake or accelerator pedals).

As you progress through the various levels you are always given a set of blue-print style directions that guide you through your objectives and how to accomplish them (at least generally speaking). I highly recommend reading these carefully as it will help you to avoid a whole lot of crashes and missed tasks that needed to be completed.

The more challenges you complete, the more XP you accumulate, the more customizations you can perform on your engine, wheels, brakes, roof and more!

What I liked: I really enjoyed the option to use touch or tilt controls with the ability to alternate between them as I made my way through the various challenges.

What I didn’t like: The interface with this game is a little busy and overwhelming until you get the hang of it.

To buy or not to buy: If you love cars, and you love Top Gear, there is no reason to avoid grabbing this app (and taking it for a test-drive… to engage the obvious pun).


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