Apple’s New Mobile Operating System Available On Sept. 19

ios6When Apple announced that iOS 6 was headed our way this fall, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on all the new features. There are more than 200 changes for the mobile operating system. We aren’t going to tell you about every single one of them, but we will highlight our favorites.  You won’t have to wait long to find out for yourself because iOS 6 will be available as a direct download on Wednesday, Sep. 19.

One of the best new features of iOS 6 is that Siri will be available on all devices. That’s right, you will be able to have Apple’s digital personal assistant helping you book reservations, get baseball scores and find out movie times right from your iPad.

Another great update to Apple’s mobile operating system is that FaceTime will now be available over cellular networks. If you have an iPad W-Fi + 4G, you’ll be able to talk to your nephew up north while at the beach or wherever you like. You won’t be restricted to local wireless Internet any longer.

Apple is also releasing their newest productivity app with iOS 6. Passbook will allow users to have a virtual wallet with store loyalty cards, airline tickets, movies passes and more. When you enter your favorite coffee shop, you will be able to present your loyalty card to be scanned right on your iPad.

Probably the biggest update for iOS 6 is the newly revamped Maps app. We gave you a detailed rundown earlier this week. Basically, Apple did away with Google’s mapping service in lieu of their own, proprietary map. The new Maps App will feature turn-by-turn navigation similar to GPS tracking and include Siri integration.

There is a lot more in store for you when you update your iPad to iOS 6. Don’t forget to check your software system next Wednesday.

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  • araczynski

    guess i’m in the minority here, but the whole announcement was pretty much a letdown to me personally. i had more fun doing work than listening to the regurgitated drivel they were spewing. itunes/ios6 updates are more or less worthless, ipod is still being kept neutered, no new storage amounts anywhere, oooh, they stretched the iphone screen out, great, now the apps will have to be more bloated for extra art assets…