Apple Search Leaks New iPhone 5 LTE, iPod Touch and iPod Nano

Our collective bottoms are frozen to our computer chairs in anticipation of the upcoming Apple event set to take place in less than an hour. If you were to do a “Google search” for iPhone 5, you might break the Internet. During an experimental search on Apple’s website, 9to5Mac discovered a bit of information that is surely blowing up on the Web at this moment. Apple seems to have inadvertently leaked its own news regarding the name of the newest iPhone.

According to 9to5Mac, after performing a search directly from Apple’s website, five results were found, including the link to a press release titled, “Apple Introduces iPhone 5.” Additionally, another link to iPhone 5 “Tips” was included in the search results. Neither link is live, but it can only be considered definitive proof that Apple will be calling the next-generation iPhone a “5.”

A later search included a press release titled, “Apple Introduces New iPod touch iPod nano,” which adds to our belief that Apple would be rolling out a new line of iPod-related products.

Incidentally, an Apple search for “ iPad mini” turned up zero results.

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