Top iPad Accessories to Play Music in Your Car

iPad Car Audio

Nothing goes better with a road-trip than the perfect tunes, and your iPad can happily deliver them to your waiting ears… all you need is the perfect accessory; luckily there is an option out there for you no matter the make, model or vintage of your vehicle.

FM Transmitters

Play music through your car stereo using an FM transmitter, harnessing the power of radio frequencies. You will appreciate how easy it is to get the bass pumping, whether you choose an accessory like the freqIN from Scosche which can also charge your iPad while playing your favorite songs or the tuneIT from the same manufacturer that features a long flex-neck making it easy to see and operate.

Auxiliary Audio Cables

Does your vehicle have a spare 1/8″ (3.5 mm) stereo-mini headphone jack? Consider grabbing a no-frills and therefore no-hassle auxiliary audio cable like the one made by Griffin. The beauty of this accessory is in the simplicity. No configuration is required with this high-quality stereo cable, just plug and play (literally)! The added bonus of course is that you can bring this cable in the house and hook your iPad up to your home entertainment system just as easily.

Odds and Sods

If you need something a little less conventional because your vehicle happens to be a little more classic, take a look at the DirectDeck Universal Cassette Adapter by Griffin.

What if you really don’t want to use your car’s speakers and you have a bunch of kids and a bunch of headphones but only one iPad? The Belkin RockStar will happily connect up to five sets of headphones to a single device!

Lucky enough to have a newer model vehicle that is equipped with a built-in USB port? Pick up the iSimple uLinx IS9403 cable that is heavy-duty enough to stand up to daily use (and abuse) on the go, featuring a 90-degree tilting feature as well as foil and braid shielding that reduces EMI/RFI interference.

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