Tired of Cables? Get Cordless Mirroring with AirBridge — A Kickstarter Project

What’s most remarkable about AirBridge is what it doesn’t rely on cables, power sources, or special configurations to mirror iPad content.  Dreamed up by Artifex Touch, this campaign is relying on Kickstarter to fund its portable device, which could simplify presentations and lectures that rely on iPad mirroring.

AirBridge will show exactly what’s on the user’s iPad screen, in full HD. It doesn’t need Wi-Fi to work because the device can create its own Wi-Fi, a capability that also allows for easy file exchange and device-to-device iOS mirroring.

While current prototypes will run for three hours on a single charge, AirBridge’s creators hope the final product will pack a whopping 8 hours of battery life. In addition, using AirBridge won’t drain the battery on a user’s iOS device the way that mirroring to Apple TV does.

AirBridge will come in two configurations: lite and pro. AirBridge lite includes all the features of AirBridge pro, without the ability to broadcast to a group. Group broadcasting seems one of the major advantages of AirBridge, so the pro model might be a better value. The device promises to give presenters, educators, and even families another way to mirror content without an Apple TV — or even any TV.

After the user has the AirBridge, she needs to download an app — either lite or pro — to use AirBridge.

But hey, what about that new iOS dock connector I’ve heard so much about? Will AirBridge work with my brand new iPhone 5 and my iPad? Yes, dear reader, the folks at Artifex have thought of everything. If produced, AirBridge will come with a swappable connector.

Interested backers who pledge $165 will receive an AirBridge Pro, the accompanying app, and a few other gifts. A $125 pledge will be rewarded with an AirBridge Lite, the accompanying app, and other perks.

Pledge before the funding period ends on October 20, 2012 to help make AirBridge a reality. While Kickstarter backers have shown their enthusiasm for AirBridge by pledging over $50K, Artifex Touch needs to raise $500K — so pledge today if you want AirBridge at work or school.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite