iPad Mini Rumors: “Finished” Design Pictures Leaked


Supposed images of an iPad mini were leaked on a Chinese blog today and later published by a French Apple blog Nowhereelse.fr, possibly revealing the finished design of the upcoming iPad mini for the first time.

The photos depict a model of the iPad mini that was likely put together based on rumored specifications to help third-party manufacturers build and test cases, as the display appears non-functional.  The blog points out that the ports and buttons line up with holes seen in many leaked accessories, but this is not necessarily a guarantee of accuracy.

Another interesting new photo has been posted by MacRumors that illustrates the size comparison of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini in relation to existing iPhone 4S and the new iPad cases.   The comparison between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 cases reinforces the rumors that the new phone will be taller, but not wider.  The iPad mini case also appears to be on target with the leaked 7.85″ screen size specifications and has a hole for the headphone jack at the top, which matches up with the model photo above.

Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 5 at tomorrow’s big media event.  The iPad mini is rumored to follow soon after, likely in October.

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