CSR Racing Makes Speed A Virtual Reality For You – iPad App Review

Have you ever wanted to drive 150 miles per hour down a city street in a BMW GT3? Well, you may never get to battle for supremacy against a gang of racing thugs in real life, but with CSR Racing, you’ll be behind the wheel of the fastest, slickest cars around, proving your credibility as a drag racer who knows how to drive.

Players start of at the beginning of a race. A lovely lady will explain that you are racing for money, so don’t mess up. You will learn the basic controls of each race at this time. Once you’ve won, an anonymous donor will give you $25,000 to spend on your first car.

Players are then taken to the “Dealership” where they pick the car they want to race. Each one of the beginner cars costs less than $25,000, so you can choose which every one you like. Be sure you pick a good car. You probably won’t be able to buy another one unless you spend real money for in-app purchases.


Once you’ve selected a car, you’ll be taken through the game, level by level, so you can see what to expect. Players must earn money by racing at various places on the map. The money is used to upgrade your car so that you can race against the real opponents, a street gang who wants to destroy your reputation by leaving you in the dust.

The racing controls are very simple. Tap the “shift” button at the precise moment to get ahead of your opponent. If you upgrade your car to add nitro, hit the nitro button at the correct moment for the extra bump of speed you need to win.


There are three different types of races that help you earn money for upgrades that will eventually help you beat the “Crew.” In the Regulation Race, players race their own car and set the difficulty higher for bigger prizes. In the Challenge Race, players “borrow” different cars to race against for big money. You can only play a certain number of Challenge Races per day, totaling up to a specific amount of money. In the Ladder Race, players race their own car against opponents that gradually increase in difficulty, which also increased the winnings.

For each “Crew Battle,” players must race against four minions and then the crew boss. If you successfully win the drag race against each crewmember and their boss, you can proceed to the next tier. There are four tiers in all. It is nearly impossible to beat a crewmember. The only way you have a chance is if you spend all of your winnings on upgrades.


Ideally, you could upgrade your car, but those cost a lot of “chips” and players only earn one chip every time they level up. So, basically, you either have to level up 20 times in order to unlock a car that will help you win against a crewmember, or pay real cash to buy more chips through in-app purchases.

You also only have a limited amount of races you can compete in per day. Each race costs at lease one gallon of gas, sometimes more, and you only have about 10 gallons. Once you’ve run out, you must wait a few minutes to replenish your tank. It takes about a half hour or so to refill the entire tank. So, you might as well grab a snack or read a book while waiting for your gas tank to fill back up.


The graphics of this game are absolutely stunning. You can see reflections off of every surface of the car. Sometimes, it is so hyper realistic that you almost think you are looking at a photograph.

The races are fairly simple. The hard part is having the right equipment on your car in order to beat your opponent. This game is not about skill. It is about upgrades. You can have a lot of fun without spending real money, but eventually, your minor upgrades just won’t be enough to beat the crew boss and you’ll have to resort to spending real cash.

What I liked: The graphics are unmatched by any racing game I’ve ever played on the iPad. The races themselves are also a lot of fun.

What I didn’t like: It would be nice to earn more chips through out the game to make you feel like you have a chance to actually buy one of those fancy cars.

To buy or not to buy: This free game is definitely worth downloading, even if you only play until you can’t beat your final opponent without paying real cash for the upgrade.

  • Name: CSR Racing
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.8
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: NaturalMotion Games
  • Price: Free
  • Score:

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