Charge your iPad on The Go – Top Car Chargers

Sure, car chargers are a dime-a-dozen, but you don’t want to buy the dime store kind. Cheap device chargers can do more harm than good. Instead, let us show you some of the best the industry has to offer. They may be a little on the pricey side, but at least you can be sure they won’t ruin your iPad’s battery.

Griffin PowerJolt SE($19.99) It is called the company’s “simplest car charger,” but this little gadget packs a powerful punch. The 12-volt power adaptor plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, which is now the official gadget connector since new cars don’t come with cigarette lighters anymore. The adaptor has a 5-watt charging circuit, which is just the right amount of juice to charge your heavyweight ipad’s battery. The coil cord takes up very little space, but stretches to nearly two feet long. The “SmartFuse” circuit breaker lets you reset a blown fuse just by unplugging and plugging the charger back in. There is no need for all the bells and whistles when you have the efficiency of this little device.

InCase Mini Car Charger ($24.95) This miniature little device is a powerful unit. The cylindrical 12-volt charger plugs into any car’s gadget connector (cigarette lighter) and sends, a whopping, 2.1 Amps (10 watts) of electricity to your device. Because it utilizes a USB port instead of a 30-pin connector, you can charge any device that is USB compatible. All you need is the gadget’s original USB cord. This charger does come with a three-foot 30-pin connector if you are worried about misplacing your iPad’s connector. Because it is so small, it won’t be an intrusive addition to your car. If you regularly have multiple devices to charge in your car, you can upgrade to the InCase Dual Charger for only $10 more.

Just Wireless Car Charger for iOS Devices ($19.95)This tidy little charger cord is one of the smallest in its class. The 12-volt power adaptor plugs right into your gadget connector and delivers 2.1 Amps of power to your iPad. The compact coil cord stays out of the way, but stretches far enough to reach any corner in your car. If uncle Jim is sitting in the back seat, he can still browse Facebook while charging his iPad and won’t have to lean forward to reach. The tiny charger is short enough to leave only about an inch, maybe even less, sticking out of the 12-volt car port that it plugs into.

Kensington PowerBolt Micro Car Charger ($24.95)This sturdy charger is similar to the InCase Mini Car Charger above. It may be small but it packs a powerful punch. Plug it into any car’s 12-volt gadget connector for a circular charge of 10 watts of electricity. Your iPad will be fully charged before you even get to grandma’s house. The power adaptor uses a USB connector to charge your device, so you are not limited to just your iPad or iPhone. This is good news for the rumored smaller pin connector we may be seeing on devices after tomorrow’s product announcement. Even if you do still need a 30-pin cord, don’t worry. The PowerBolt comes with one, so you don’t have to take your iPad’s connector cord out of the house.

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  • Julius

    There are still cheap wireless charger and dual car charger and those are available in Amazon Store. Just look for CHOETECH. The charger is 2.1amps.. Thumbs Up!