Turn Your Car into Mobile Movie Theater with these iPad Seat Mounts

Keeping the kids from driving you nuts on long road trips is nearly impossible. They always want to know, “Are we there yet?” or they have to use the bathroom again, even though they just went 20 minutes ago. You can pack their backpacks full of as many MadLibs, car games, and coloring books as you want, but nothing beats the iPad when it comes to distracting the backseat zoo with hours of movies. Just don’t forget the popcorn.

The Backstage Pro ($149.99) Keep your iPad tightly secured to the back of your passenger or driver seat with this rugged headrest mount. This useful accessory has been crash tested to ensure it stays put, even under the toughest driving conditions. The aluminum mount includes a car charger that plugs into the frame to provide a continuous charge. There is also a USB adaptor port that supports flash drive use for viewing images. The universal design lets you mount your iPad to almost any headrest with a simple setup.  The protective case is removed by sliding it off of the headrest frame so that you can take your iPad with you, without having to take apart the entire mount.

CoulVue ($59.99) This easy-to-use mount lets you extend your iPad away from the back of the headrest for maximum viewing capabilities. If you have two backseat passengers, this mount makes it possible for both of them to watch cartoons on the same iPad. Who gets to pick the cartoon is a whole other issue. The arm extends out for playing games and reading books and has a 360-degree twist/tilt function to allow users to easily flip between portrait and landscape mode. The design of the mount allows for use of the back-facing camera. It is compatible with both the iPad 2 and the new iPad (third-generation).

Satechi ST-HRM850($39.99) This fully-adjustable headrest mount lets you use any size of tablet. Looking forward to purchasing the new iPad mini this fall? The Satechi is the perfect accessory. It holds tablets from seven to 10 inches wide. The height of the tablet can be adjusted downward on the back of the seat for viewing by small fries. The mount allows for full 360-degree rotation so the iPad can be used in portrait or landscape mode. Built-in rubber pads keep your iPad from scratches while remaining securely in place. Read more about the Satechi ST-HRM850 product announcement and watch a video demonstration here.

iPADKET ($29.99) What makes this mount so special is the fact that it doesn’t connect to your headrest’s adjustment bars. This one straps right onto the headrest itself using sturdy Velcro straps. You can also use this mount with some cases. Any case with a cover flap width of 245mm or less can be mounted along with your iPad. This mount does not require any screwdrivers, multitools, bolts, clamps or any additional work. All you have to do is strap the holder to the headrest and you’re done. If you want your iPad to rest lower on the backseat, you can alter the way you install the Velcro strap so that it hangs down on the seat instead of mounting to the headrest. Check out our PadGadget hands-on review of the iPADKET for more information.

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