Mount Your iPad With The Hug Of The Koala Mount – iPad Accessory Review

Back in January we told you about the Koala Mount’s campaign on Kickstarter. This low-cost wall mount was funded with extra left over on January 29. The “damage-free iPad wall dock” earned $12,141, that’s more than $7,000 above its goal. Obviously people need a wall mount that won’t damage the wall. We were able to try out the Koala Mount and have a hands-on review for you.

The first thing I noticed when I got the box was that it seemed like it would be fairly easy to mount. I didn’t need a screwdriver or stud finder or any other construction tools. Everything I needed to put the Koala Mount on my wall was in the box.

To put the iPad wall mount on your wall, simply stick the included 3M command strip to the back of each bracket, place both brackets on either side of your iPad in landscape or portrait position, depending on your preference, and find a spot on the wall that you like. You’ll need to clean the wall with the included wall cleaner, but it is just a pad with isopropyl alcohol on it, so it’s not a special cleaner that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you are really picky, you may want to get a pencil out and line up the exact spot on the wall that you want the iPad to be. It’s like putting up a painting. You want to make sure it isn’t too high or crooked or anything. I just took off the backing of the 3M strips and slapped the Koala Mount to my wall with the iPad still in the brackets. No fuss, no muss.

If you mount it my way, be careful not to let the brackets fall off. There is nothing keeping them on and it is a bit awkward to try to get everything on the wall without losing something.

I had the Koala Mount on my kitchen wall for about a week. I was able to watch how-to videos while baking, FaceTime with my mom while chopping veggies and use my iPad as a recipe book without worrying about getting food all over it. The brackets work perfectly.

There is a convenient cord holder at the bottom of the bracket so you can plug in your iPad while it is mounted to the wall and keep the cord out of the way

The problems came when I tried to remove the brackets without damaging the wall. I failed miserably at that. The instructions say to pull the 3M strip upward very slowly until it stretches to at least 15-inches long. I tried it. The first strip ripped off right away. Maybe I did it too fast. The second one, after much effort, ripped off after it stretched about three inches. It did not work like it does in the video.

To make matters worse, I tried pulling one bracket off of my wall. I don’t know why I thought it might not be so bad, but it was. I now have a hole the circumference of an orange on my kitchen wall. It ripped off all the way into the sheet rock. We’re not talking about a simple paint job here. It is seriously damaged.

The damage to my wall was my own fault, but the fact that I couldn’t get the adhesive to come off like the instructions say, is not. There is no way I could remove the strips so easily. They are stiff and very difficult to stretch when attached to the wall. I experimented with an extra, loose 3M strip by itself to see if it would stretch. I was able to easily get it about a foot long without effort. For some reason, when it wass attached to the wall, I was unable to get it to stretch properly. It is possible that the strip sticks too well to high-gloss finishes. I followed the instructions very carefully, especially on the second bracket, and now I have a hole in my wall and a useless bracket that I can’t remove unless I want to rip another hole in my wall.

I know that it sounds bad, but it could be that I am doing something wrong. I don’t want to dismiss the fact that this mount works really well and is super easy to install. I am just very disappointed that it didn’t come off my wall the way it was supposed to. Other than that, it is well made and a very inexpensive way to mount your iPad.


I’d say that it is worth buying, but be prepared for the possibility of it damaging your wall. You may need to have some wall putty and extra paint on hand, just in case you have to resort to manually removing the brackets like I did.

  • Accessory Name: Koala Mount
  • Manufacturer: Dockem
  • Price: $19.99
  • Score:

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