Curiosity Will Not Keep This House Pest Down – iPad App Reveiw

Anyone who owns a cat knows that our feline friends are as much of a pain in the neck as they are loving members of the family, especially if they are indoor cats. House Pest takes that idea and runs with it, giving us fun puzzle games that are based on the troublesome antics that Fiasco the Cat gets into. Clean up messes left by Fiasco before the neighbor stops by for a visit.

The game starts with an animated sequence of an adorable orange tabby, playfully chasing invisible mice. In all the excitement, Fiasco accidentally knocks over a statue and it is your job to clean it up. A game board appears and players must tap all of the statue pieces as fast as possible to “clean up” the mess. The faster you clean up, the more brushes you earn.

Each level has a similar event. There is an animated sequence and then players must perform a task in order to clean up the mess. You will have to play memory games, remember music patterns, scrub dirty floors by swiping as fast as possible, stitch scratched up furniture by following the leader, and more.


Players earn brushes for completing each task. Brushes are like stars. A perfect game earns three brushes. These rewards are needed to unlock new rooms, or worlds in the full version of the game.

The free section of the game includes “The Living Room,” which is the first section, or world. It contains the first six levels. The full game includes six additional worlds with six or seven levels in each, plus all seven worlds in “Hard” mode, where the puzzles are the same, just significantly more difficult. All 14 worlds can be unlocked for only $2.99 through an in-app purchase.


You may have a favorite type of cat. While the orange tabby is adorable, maybe you’d like a tuxedo patterned cat, or a Siamese cat. No problem. You can add Fiasco’s friends for either $0.99 or $1.99 each, or just add all 10 of his friends for only $2.99.

This game is designed for kids. I’d say, eight to 10 years old. The challenges are fairly easy to complete and the animations are cute. The hard levels are very difficult, so grown-ups can enjoy the mischievous adventures of Fiasco, too.


What I liked: The animated sequences are adorable. Fiasco acts just like a real cat. He is always jumping on shelves, scratching up furniture, and tracking mud around the house. He reminds me of my own, rascally cat.

What I didn’t like: Nothing! This game is very fun and reasonably priced. Once you’ve unlocked the hard levels, it is great for all ages, too.

To buy or not to buy: Download the first six levels for free to see for yourself. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it as much as I do.



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