iPad Mini Rumors: Leaked Picture of Rear Shell Hits the Web

As Apple’s product announcement event draws closer, the Internet is flooding with rumors of what to expect and whether we will see the iPad mini. One sure-fire way to know if a rumor is true is photo leaks. We’ve seen plenty of images of various parts of the purported iPad mini over the past few months and today brings forth more leaks. This time, Nowhereelse.fr discovered images from Chinese news blog NetEase that show the backside of the smaller tablet and frankly, they’ve got me convinced.

The images, published by digi.163.com, allegedly come from a parts manufacturer (OEM) out of Shenzhen, China. The supposed rear shell of an iPad mini are shown from all angles, giving us a chance to confirm or refute various rumors that we’ve heard about what to expect.

For example, the dock connector is definitely smaller than any other mobile device, which coincides with the rumor that Apple will be doing away with the traditional 30-pin connector. It is difficult to tell, but if this is really the rear shell of the iPad mini, it doesn’t look like the dock connector will be using the MagSafe connector.

Additionally, there are two speakers positioned at the center of the device instead of where the speaker is on the 10-inch iPad. Currently, there is only one speaker on Apple’s tablet, and it is positioned in the corner. The two-row design looks distinctly different than the 10-inch iPad.

There is also a hole for the rear-facing camera, as well as holes for the orientation lock (or mute button, depending on your preference), sleep mode button, and volume controls. It is important to note that the volume increase and decrease buttons are separated by the shell. On the 10-inch iPad, the volume controls are a single button with raises at their pushing points.

The edges of the shell in the images are not as tapered as the 10-inch iPad. They have a sharper rounding, more akin to the current generation iPhone, but with slightly more of a bevel.

Hopefully, we will see the iPad mini in all its glory next Wednesday. However, recent rumors have pointed to a separate product announcement in October for the smaller tablet.

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