Get Tips on Fashion Lighting and Photography with Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes – iPad App Review

    If you’re not familiar with Scott Kelby, he is a photographer and author who has published many books on digital photography, photo enhancement software, and digital photography tips. He also runs an online training course and has several apps, including this one, which gives tips on proper lighting in several professional photography setups.

This is a video lesson app with thirteen different episodes on lighting, covering 20 different photos. The app will open with the first lesson, which you simply tap to play.

It’s an easy layout that puts the useful content right at your fingertips. In the tutorial videos, Kelby runs through photos he has taken and shows you the setups and the gear that he has used to get each look. Navigation between lessons is done with a simple swipe.

This app is not for amateur photographers – Kelby is using professional equipment and lighting that you can’t pick up at the local Target, but if you’re an aspiring fashion photographer, this app has some must have tips on getting rid of shadows and creating amazing, magazine-ready looks.

Kelby goes through a lot of information quickly, but it is helpful to see his setups and to learn about lighting setups. During lessons, you can swap between photos and rewind or fast forward by swiping back and forth in the app, which is handy for getting around quickly.

I should warn that this is not quite a video app – this is Kelby showing a series of photos and explaining what he is doing in each one. Though it’s just photos, it’s still useful to see the professional setups for yourself and to get his audio explanation.

Once you’ve watched one of the videos, you can tap to see the list of gear that Kelby used in each of his different shots. Tapping on a piece of equipment links to B&H Photo, where you can immediately purchase it.

You can also access the Scott Kelby Training Apps section at the beginning of the app, where you can find his other apps that are in the App Store and a link to his training website.

What I liked: This app has a lot of useful information on professional lighting setups, and plenty of immediately usable tips. It’s a great download for any photographer.

What I didn’t like: I would have liked to see more video. This app mostly consists of photos with a voiceover, and I think actual video tutorials would have been more helpful. I did experience some crashing when using the app, but it’s hard to complain when it’s free!

To buy or not to buy: Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes is entirely free, so if you’re looking for some lighting tips and want to see how the professionals do it, this is a must download tutorial app.

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