Get Your Fashion Fix for Free With Valeo Magazine

Fashion mags can be very expensive. Individual issues of some of the more popular monthlies can be upwards of $10. Even subscriptions to digital magazines cost money. Not Valeo. Every issue is free. Every subscription auto renews at the price of zero dollars. The inside pages of this fashion forecaster is just as good as those $10 versions.

Valeo offers readers a glimpse into the fashion world. The pages are full of trends in clothing, makeup, hair and accessories. Find out what jackets will be all the rage this season, how to make a “messy braid,” or what shoes go with what purse.

The premier issue includes the hottest fashion trends for this fall, including capes, plaids, belted military jackets, lace-up boots and more. Read product reviews for the new line of L’Oreal shampoo, compare anti-aging serums, and discover why burgundy is the new black. You can even learn some simple tips for using your iPad in the technology section.

If you find a necklace you like while perusing the pages of the magazine, you can buy it directly from the app by tapping the item. You will be directed to the manufacturer’s website, where you can purchase the necklace, or even shop around for other items. The link is seamless and the connection stays within the app so you can return to the page you were reading when you are done shopping. It is every shop-a-holic’s dream, come true.

You can watch videos on how to use hair products, see all the latest shoe designs, and purchase your favorite lipstick. The magazine is categorized by fashion, beauty and trending. The trending section includes fabulous getaways, the hot new shows on television, tech news, and hit music.

The magazine is full of content. This is every bit as good as traditional, paid magazines, but you get it for free. Not just the first issue, but also an auto-renewable subscription to Valeo is completely free. Being a fashionista means more than just caring about trends. It also means knowing what a good deal is, and this is the best deal you can get.

What I liked: The fact that this magazine is entirely free. It is not just a special introductory price. A yearly subscription is free, too.

What I didn’t like: The magazine takes a very long time to download and the pages do not turn easily. The writing also includes a lot of grammar errors, which can be distracting.

To buy or not to buy: If you consider yourself a fashionable person, you should get your hands on this free magazine. Other than the slow download, it is a great app for following trends.

  • Name: Valeo Magazine
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Developer: Pass Publishing
  • Price: Free
  • Score:

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    Thank you for reviewing our App/Magazine – Glad you like it ! We’ll fix the little kinks asap 😉