Education: iPad Hurting PC Sales More than Ever

According to Charlie Wolf, analyst for Needham & Company, sales of iPads are stronger than ever among education, while sales of PCs in the same market have plummeted since last year, making Apple’s tablet the most popular computer around.

Wolf cited market data from the June quarter, which showed that PC education shipments fell by more than a quarter of a million units with a 13.9 percent drop from the same quarter last year. During the same time period, Apple sold nearly a million iPads to K-12 educators, showing “definitive evidence that the iPad has been cannibalizing PC sales in the U.S. education market.”

According to Apple Insider, Apple’s iPad sales doubled in the June 2012 quarter from the same period last year. The company also nearly doubled its sales in the iPad over Mac computers sold to educators in the June 2012 quarter.

In a note to investors on Tuesday, Wolf wrote, “”Clearly, a significant portion of iPad sales represented an expansion of the market, but in view of the fact that Mac sales held steady at around 520,000 units but overall PC sales declined by 265,000 units from 1.90 million to 1.64 million units, we believe the inescapable conclusion is that the iPad is beginning to cannibalize a material portion of PC sales in this market.”

It is apparent that the iPad is hugely popular across all markets, but whether the tablet will overtake PC sales in homes is yet to be seen. Wolf believes that the changes in education is just the beginning of the iPad’s infiltration. “In our view, the education market is the canary in the coal mine,” Wolf wrote. “The next market the iPad is likely to impact is the much larger U.S. home market.”

If the iPad mini rumors turn out to be true, there is no stopping Apple from turning tablets into the most common bit of technology in every house in America.

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