Seven Poets and the Assassin’s Secret: Week Three Round Up

Summer may be ending, but Seven Poets is still churning up serialized drama on the iPad. Catch up and speculate as we learn more about the fates of Jessica, Julian, and company in the four new chapters of the serial iPad drama that developer Edmund Pevensey released this week.

Edmund tells the children that their parents have all been executed.

The author hints at the the Edmund/Henry subplot, when Jessica reveals a pocket watch with the initials RBW engraved on its case. Who is RBW? Why were Edmund and Henry estranged? And why is Edmund believed to be dead?

Edmund plans to return the children to London, though he is justifiably concerned about their safety, and the story hints at another option that “seemed too absurd even to offer.” The mood in the house is mournful and contemplative. Jessica misses the normalcy of her previous life when she spots a note in her journal that’s not in her own hand: Everything will be OK. – Mom ♥

Edmund’s “absurd” plan is for the children to remain in hiding with him, and agree never to see their remaining family, friends, or homes again. If we assume Edmund is dead to the rest of the world, he is, in effect asking the children to join more than his household. All eight of them would be living, though presumed dead.

The children meet to discuss Edmund’s proposition, and as we readers we can all imagine they must take him up on it for the story to continue to move forward. It falls to Eli to remind the children that as much as they wish to return to their previous lives, they would all be putting their families in harm’s way.

The group resolves to stay, the mood lifts, and the children return to Edmund, who is perplexed by their laughter.

True to its status as a newspaper, the Broadside tied the week’s events in the real world, such as Hurricane Isaac, to the fictional world of Seven Poets. Remains of the ten hostages were found in Syria. Is this a clue to the identity of Hand of Peace or just another red herring?

Most interesting was the Broadside editor’s discovery that Charles Richter’s sister Elaine is alive and living in Paris. Pursue that line of inquiry, dear editor!

At the end of the third week Seven Poets is at a crossroads. With all the hostages executed, if the story is to remain compelling, the plot needs to shift from generating endless questions to uncovering answers. If the story is to deepen as it progresses then the children can’t remain on Edmund’s farm forever. They are too close to civilization, just one horseback ride away really, to remain in hiding forever. And what of Tomás? If he uncovers that Henry Jordan had a living relative, he might be able to deduce that’s where the children had gone.

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