New iPad Mini Mockups Show what the Device Could Look Like

iPad mini rumors are coming fast and furious, as we slowly edge closer to its expected release date in October. Today’s rumors include two brand new mockups of what the iPad mini might look like.

Both mockups are based on previously released iPad mini data, which peg the iPad mini as a larger iPod touch, with small bezels along the vertical sides, separate volume buttons, and an ultra thin 7.85-inch display size.

In the physical mockup posted above (courtesy of Chinese site there’s 9-pin connector at the bottom of the device, along with a headphone jack at the top, which has been the source of some controversy. There’s a back camera lens plus a cutout for a SIM-card slot, and according to the site, the mini, like the regular sized iPad, will come in both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G flavors.

The second mockup, pictured above, comes from, and though it is constructed from pure metal, it has many of the same general features, including the smaller dock connector port. You can also see the iPad mini in comparison to an iPhone, which gives a nice example of the size of the device.

Apple is planning on an iPhone event for September, and while it’s possible we might see an iPad mini at that time, October is the more likely date. Do you agree with these mockups? What do you expect a miniature version of the iPad to look like?

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