Learn About Claude Monet’s Life and Paintings in This Great Interactive Book

The iPad is an amazing tool, not just because we can watch videos or play games on it, but because it has managed to transform so many different forms of media. For the first time, books aren’t limited to pages that we read – books can be touched, books can move, and books can be played with.

That innovation has led to some amazing interactive books, namely all of those fantastically animated children’s titles you’ll find in the App Store, but there are also some incredible serious books that have taken advantage of the iPad’s advances in technology to present readers with something truly unique.

Monet: Colour in Impressionism is one of those books, first published in the iBookstore at the beginning of this year. The book, when released, was immediately successful, snapped up by iPad-owning art lovers across the globe, which has led to a second release of the book, the new Special Edition.

In the Special Edition of Monet: Colour in Impressionism, you can immerse yourself into the life and paintings of Monet with fully illustrated, high resolution images and films that are included with the general text.

The book itself is a fascinating look at the life and the work of Monet, but the addition of both paintings and videos truly brings the book alive to readers. I like art, but I don’t often seek out art books; I was glad to have stumbled across this one, which was a fascinating exploration of Claude Monet’s waterlily series at the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris.

Almost every page was ripe with photos of the paintings, and several others had helpful diagrams and images, and while I enjoyed the addition of the videos, I do wish there had been subtitles in English.

This short glimpse at Monet’s life also includes a helpful guide on visiting The Orangerie where his paintings are displayed. It includes metro stops, admission rates, tips on which ticket to buy, and information on when it is open.

If you are an art enthusiast, or if you plan on visiting Paris, this simple book will give you a great overview of Claude Monet’s life and his paintings, making it a good investment at just $4.99. You can download Monet: Colour in Impressionism Special Edition from Apple’s iBookstore.

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