Japanese Court Finds Samsung Products don’t Infringe on Apple Patents

Samsung might not have been successful against Apple in the U.S. courts, being ordered to pay more than a billion dollars for patent infringement, but the South Korean company fared much better in Japan, where the Japanese court ruled that it did not violate any of Apple’s patents.

In Tokyo yesterday, Judge Tamotsu Shoji ruled that Samsung did not infringe on an Apple patent related to synchronizing music and video data with servers, and as a result, Apple will be paying Samsung for the cost of the lawsuit.

Following the devastating U.S. verdict, Samsung shares fell drastically, but after the Japanese ruling, stock prices rose once again, up 1.6 percent.

Apple originally filed a lawsuit against Samsung in Tokyo last year, asking for more than 100 million yen in damages. According to the Cupertino-based company, Samsung’s Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy S II infringed on its synchronization patent.

Not so, said the judge. Shoji was quoted as saying, “It’s hard to believe the [Samsung] products belong to the range of technologies of the claimant.”

While Apple declined to comment on the ruling, Samsung welcomed the victory after its sizable loss in the United States.

Though rulings are pouring in, with several Apple and Samsung products banned in South Korea, a decision in favor of Apple in the U.S., and a decision in favor of Samsung in Japan, the dispute between the two companies is far from over.

The Australian case is still ongoing, Samsung is planning to appeal in the U.S. case, and Apple is still hard at work trying to ban Samsung products across the globe.

[via Bloomberg]

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