Apple Releases iTunes Festival 2012 App for iOS, Apple TV

Every year, Apple brings the world together in one, spectacular event that lasts 30 days and nights and stars some of the most popular names in music. The iTunes Festival will take place at the Roadhouse in London this year starting on the first day of September. Approximately 60 bands will be showcased across the entire month and this year, not only will you be able to watch it from your iPad, you’ll be able to watch it from your Apple TV, too.

While the iTunes Festival app for iOS is not new, and fans could watch the shows from their computers on iTunes, this is the first time that Apple TV was invited to the party. If you have the set-top box, you may have noticed the new app appear sometime over the weekend. Just like the subtle release of Hulu Plus on Apple TV, the iTunes Festival app appeared without the need of an update or download. It just magically showed up one morning. You may not have even noticed it yet.

The iOS app will allow users to view the schedule of events for the entire month, save favorite concerts, read about bands, and have notifications sent to remind them of the upcoming show. On Apple TV, viewers can see the calendar of events, read about bands, and stream the concerts live or view them after the fact for a limited amount of time.

The iTunes Festival app for iOS is free to download and, unlike the Olympics, free to watch for anyone. The Apple TV app is also free for the second and third generation device and should already be in your system. If it isn’t, try manually updating your software and then restarting your Apple TV.

Enjoy the show!

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  • araczynski

    can’t say i’ve ever heard of this, but then again my harness has been on for only 3 years. still, i’d think dropping the prices a hair on their hardware (or god forbid, skimming a few percent less from the developer’s take) would serve them a lot better in the long run than some 30 day marketing event.