Top Apps To Help Visit College Campuses

There comes a time in many young peoples lives when they must decide whether to go to the biggest party college in the US, or the most prestigious one. Figuring out how you want to spend the next four of you higher educated years can be difficult. Take a trip or three to see some campuses, visit friends, and find out what the town is like. Below is a list of apps that will help you on you college campus visits.

College Search Guide Handbook for US Colleges and Universities ($2.99) If you have not yet picked the college of your choice, this app is ideal for helping you search for the right one. The comprehensive guide includes mapping and information for more than 3,000 colleges across the US. You can search for schools nearby or see the top 100 by your major. You can find out about campus housing, estimated student expenses, financial aid, and more. See if a particular college offers the degree you want, find out about crime by seeing the campus security information, and learn about the school’s sports teams. This app also lets you rate and review colleges, so you can tell potential freshman what you think of your current college.

City Maps 2Go ($1.99) When you are ready to hit the road for your cross-country campus adventure, take this app with you for convenient map access to hundreds of city maps. If you have an iPad that does not include 3G or 4G capabilities, then this app is ideal for you. Either download the necessary maps before leaving on your road trip, or find a free Wi-Fi spot and grab your maps along the way. Each city or county map downloads super fast and comes with various points of interest, including schools, public libraries and parking structures.  You can also search for specific streets, drop pins at any location, and bookmark spots for quick search access. Plan a walking tour of the college town you are visiting and use this map to get you around. HD (Free) Once you’ve decided which campus to visit, you’ll need to find a place to stay. Some colleges offer campus living stays so you can get a feel for your new dorm room. However, if you’re looking for nicer accommodations then this app will help you find what you are looking for at a price you can afford. Even if you forgot to book a room in advance, helps you find great deals nearby. Once you’ve signed up and signed in, you can access all of your current and past reservations, view the address of the hotel you’ve booked, see pictures of hotels and read user reviews. You’ll be ordering room service before you can recite your new school’s fight song.

FastFood – Top Restaurant finder app (Free) When you are in a new town, it can be nearly impossible to find a restaurant nearby. Sure, Yelp is great when you have a lot of time to search and discover, but if you just want to find food fast, this app has what you need. It quickly lists restaurants near you using your iPad’s location service. You don’t have to type in a city, search for it on a map and then decide if you want to walk or drive. If you are on a street corner, pull up the list and see how close the nearest bar, gas station, restaurant, or hospital is. Read user reviews, see it on a map, visit the establishment’s website, view photos from Yelp, and more. Tap the “Directions” button to find out the best way to get there. You can also search for a restaurant by name if a friend recommended something that you want to try out.

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