Supplement Your Child’s Education and Learn a Thing or Two Yourself with Khan Academy – iPad App Review

Khan Academy is an app that allows children and adults of all ages to learn about almost any subject entirely free, making it a great supplement for traditional classroom learning and for children who are homeschooled.

The app features more than 3,200 videos on a wide range of topics from K–12 math and physics to chemistry, biology, finance, history, and even the humanities.

This is a simple learning app that’s both easy to navigate and easy to use. When you open it for the first time, you will see videos organized into six different categories: Math, Science, Finance & Econ., Humanities, Test Prep, and Talks and Interviews.

Selecting a category, such as science, will open up a more detailed organizational menu that includes biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and more. All of the categories are like this, with tons of subcategories to choose from.

When you select a specific subcategory, such as biology, you will be taken to the biology video selection. On the bottom, you will see how many videos are in the section, and at the top, there is a search bar so you can find something specific, or just browse through the list.

There are dozens of useful videos in the biology section, and if I was still a student, this would be an amazing resource for topics that were a bit tougher to understand. For example, if you have a student that’s struggling with mitosis and meiosis, there are lectures explaining both processes.

Lessons come with full lectures and slideshow drawings. There are also subtitles at the bottom of the screen, which is handy. The subtitles don’t scroll on their own though, so you will have to follow along manually. Subtitles can also be used to skip around to specific spots in the videos.

If you have an Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to display Khan Academy’s videos on the big screen. You’re also able to watch them in full screen mode on your iPad if you don’t need the subtitles.

In addition to standard lectures on a wide variety of subjects, Khan Academy is also useful for test preparation. There’s an entire test prep section on subjects like SAT Math, the GMAT, and the California Standards Test. The SAT math prep in particular is very thorough.

Videos in Khan Academy can be downloaded so that they can be watched offline, and they can also be shared. If you make a Khan Academy account, you can track your progress and get credits and earn achievements for watching videos, which is great for motivation.

This app is great for students, teachers, and anyone who wants to learn a few subjects they may have forgotten. It’s filled with comprehensive lessons on tons of subjects, making it a great way to learn and understand new concepts.

What I liked: I spent the time to watch several of the videos in the app on subjects I am familiar with and I found that the lessons were accurate and easy to understand. There’s a such a wide variety of information in this app, making it really great for people of all ages.

What I didn’t like: Videos can take a significant amount of time to load before you are able to watch them. In some cases, I couldn’t get a video to load at all.

To buy or not to buy: If you have a student who needs additional help, Khan Academy is a fantastic resource. It’s also great if you just feel like brushing up on high school chemistry or biology.

  • App Name: Khan Academy
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1.2
  • Category:Education
  • Developer: Khan Academy
  • Price: Free
  • Score:


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