Slaughter Zombies, Avoid Aliens, and Survive a Nuclear Armageddon in Post-Apocalyptic Endless Runner The Last Driver

Chillingo’s newest soon-to-be hit racing game, The Last Driver just hit the App Store. This post-apocalyptic endless runner will put you behind the wheels of a series of weaponized death machines, from gun-strapped muscle cars to zombie-slicing trucks.

The goal? Survive nuclear armageddon, an alien invasion, and a zombie uprising, while slaughtering enemies left and right to stay alive.

You will drive as far as you can through a barren wasteland, snagging as many coins as you can while you attempt to kill or be killed. You’ll be able to upgrade your equipment and your weapons, getting further and further with each run.

Your reflexes and skills will come into play as you shoot and dodge zombies that climb onto your car. Completing special objectives will earn you bonuses that might just make the difference between life and death.

You can currently download The Last Driver from the App Store for free.

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