Young Jokesters Will Get a Kick Out of Knock Knock and the Who’s There Doors (Volume 2)

Knock Knock and the Who’s There Doors is a joke app that’s aimed at kids. It’s filled with tons of knock knock jokes that may not be too entertaining for adults, but kids will definitely enjoy the silly humor.

This is the second of two apps, which are both ripe with funny characters and zany animations. The colors are bright, and the jokes are spoken in a clear voice, making this perfect for young kids.

In this app, kids will tap on a door to knock, which plays a knocking sound. Tapping twice will make two knocks, hence the “knock knock” part of the joke. The door will then repeat “knock knock,” prompting kids to ask who’s there?”

The app is voice activated, so when you ask who’s there, the door responds with his or her name. The first door I tried was “Dewey.” Asking “Dewey who?” prompted the joke, which was “Dewey have to listen to anymore of these knock knock jokes?”

Here’s a few more of the silly punchlines:

Stan, whose joke is “Stan back or I’ll shoot.”

Gorilla, whose joke is “Gorilla cheese sandwiches are my favorite.”

Wanda, whose joke is “Wanda buy Girl Scout cookies?”

As you can see, the jokes are really corny. The graphics and the animations also aren’t impressive, as a lot of them (when you open the doors) look like they’ve been drawn with MS Paint, but the interactivity can be a lot of fun.

There are 60 jokes, which isn’t a whole lot, but if you download the first version of the app as well, you’ll be hearing non stop knock knock jokes from your kids for weeks.

What I liked: The door characters are funny, and I liked the variety of animations.

What I didn’t like: The graphics could be better. This app doesn’t look great on the third generation iPad, but it may look better on earlier versions.

To buy or not to buy: If you have kids who love to repeat knock knock jokes, this app will entertain them and give them some new material to work with.


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