Soma Frame Speaker Dock Wraps Around Your iPad for Ultimate Portability

The more we come to need our iPads by our sides and within our reach at all times, the greater the need for accessories that keep them sage and make them look like they belong right where you set them. XtremeMac has released the Soma Frame Speaker as the accessory you will wonder how you lived without. Serving as an iPad dock that wraps securely around your iPad device, the XtremeMac Soma Frame speaker promises to enhance your tablet viewing and listening experience.

Portability is a key asset for the XtremeMac Soma Frame Speaker, featuring a lithium-ion battery (charged with a mini USB charging port) that gives up to 6 hours of playback time. This means you can take the frame wherever it works best for you –watch movies in bed, make it easier to FaceTime with your mother while you learn to cook her signature beef stew or keep it in your family room for easy access to your music library.

If you get tired of carrying around the Soma Frame, you can connect it with its supplied docking pedestal to enjoy hands free iPad viewing.  The dock also acts as a subwoofer to deliver a richer sound experience with deeper bass and gives you 2.1 stereo sound. If you want to adjust the quality of your sound even more, you can grab the XtremeMac LifeSlides app and gain bass and treble control!

Unlike many devices, this frame works for all models of the iPad, including the first generation device!

The XtremeMac Soma Frame Speaker features an MSRP of $299.95 and will be available for purchase from the product website beginning early October (just in time for the holiday season).

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