Choose Your Own Adventure Books Are Headed for Your iPad, Will You Enter the Cave or Turn Back?

I loved reading Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. I always felt like I was telling the story myself as I’d head over to page 24 to see what happened after I untied the girl. I was always so bummed out when I chose wrong and had to start over again. App development team Visual Baker are in the market to create a series of Choose Your Own Adventure books based on original stories by the creator of the genre, Edward Packard.

Just like me, the team at Visual Baker grew up reading and loving Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Instead of just making up some version that isn’t quite the same, the app developers went directly to the source to ask for permission and help. Writer Edward Packard was happy to oblige and, thus “Underground Kingdom” was born, or should I say reborn.

By taking advantage of digital technology, the books will be more than just a reading experience. They will include interactive maps that show you where you’ve been, animated characters to make you feel like you are right there in the adventure, and brand new illustrations for the new generation of readers.

“Underground Kingdom” has 50 new illustrations and 21 different endings for you to discover.  You’ll even be able to tell your friends which ending you made it to on Facebook and Twitter.

Once “Underground Kingdom” is released, Visual Baker plans to follow up with other titles created by Packard, including “Hyperspace,” “Invaders from Within,” “Survival at Sea,” and “Dinosaur Island.”

The first book is available for preorder on Kickstarter. If you want to see this app make it to the App Store, you should head over there now and pledge your dollars. The Kickstarter campaign only has about two weeks left and it still needs more than half its goal filled. For only $5, you will get a copy of the book and a “Thank You” listing on the website. With larger pledges, you’ll receive other bonuses, like t-shirts and a physical copy of the book. The highest pledge of $2,000 will get you Executive Producer credits in the final book. Head on over to Kickstarter now to preorder your copy of the app today.

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