Bluetooth Arcade Game Controller Now Available for iPad

If you regularly play games on your iDevices, then you won’t want to miss this game controller from Gametel. We covered the Gametel Mobile Game controller earlier this year, and now that technology is finally available for purchase in the U.S.

The Gametel Bluetooth controller is designed to transform your iPhone or your iPad into a portable game console. As we all know, playing platform and arcade style games on a touchscreen can be a frustrating prospect.

iDevice gamers have been lusting over the ideal controller for quite some time now, and the Gametel was created to deliver a better gaming experience.

The Gametel controller comes with a spring loaded clamp that allows it to dock to any iPhone or Android phone, but it is also able to pair with any device, including the iPad, via Bluetooth. A nine hour battery life allows you to play for hours without interruption.

There are more than 90 Gametel compatible games, including No Gravity, Temple Run, and Terra Noctis. The controller also supports all of the iCade games, so you’ll have over a hundred titles to chose from.

The Gametel Portable Games Controller can currently be purchased from, at the price of $49.99.

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