Students Can Design Posters, Flyers, and More with Quark DesignPad – iPad App Review

If you’re unfamiliar with Quark, it’s a company that publishes a line of design software for editing and creating print publications. The company recently released a new iPad app, the Quark DesignPad, which allows users to create layouts for a range of different things like classified ads, posters, and flyers.

While this may sound like complicated software, it’s actually quite simple to use. So simple, in fact, that it’s a great solution for older students who want to get into design. Talented kids can use this app to create posters or flyers for school clubs, projects, and more.

The app opens with a list of possible creations, including brochures, business cards, flyers, letterhead, posters, and newsletters. Each potential creation has a distinct layout, which can be edited.

The first step, of course, is choosing a project. It’s easy to create all kinds of things with the app’s templates. When you’ve chosen a project, just hit the ad content button, and you’re ready to go.

There are text blocks and image blocks, each of which can be edited to include your own text and images. You can turn these pre-defined boxes into other categories, so if your flyer is image based, you can add all images. Need more text? No problem.

To edit one of the boxes, you simply tap it. If you’re adding in an image, double tap to select something from the camera roll. You can change the orientation, the opacity, add a border, and add tags.

You can even add an array of included stock photos, which is an awesome feature. There are categories from animals and education to childcare and travel, so you’re sure to find something useful.

Tapping on a text box opens a text editor where you can type in (or paste) your text that you want to include. You can choose from a wide variety of fonts and font colors, and you can also add colored borders.

When you’ve finished a project, you can save it and email it as a PNG, email a link to a QuarkXpress Doc, or Tweet it. Twitter is a nice edition, because students can use it to send their projects to friends with the simple tap of a button. QuarkDesign Pad makes it easy to create a simple flyer or poster, and then share it.


What I liked: This app is simple to use. I was able to figure it out and produce a passable flyer within minutes. It’s entirely accessible for even entry level users, and it will be a good tool for kids who want to experiment with print design.

What I didn’t like: This app is missing a few simple gestures that would make it easier to use. For example, adjusting my pictures with pinch gestures would make designing projects go a lot faster.

To buy or not to buy: This app is a free download and it’s worth checking out the next time you need to whip up a flyer for that school club, barbecue, or yard sale.

  • App Name: Quark DesignPad
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Developer: Quark Software
  • Price: Free
  • Score:


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  • Peter McClard

    Thanks for the article. BTW, it does have a pinch gesture to adjust photos. You have to hold your finger down on the photo for a couple seconds to initiate it. We will add more adjustment tools in the near future.

    • Juli Clover

      Oh, great! Thanks for letting me know.