Reading, Writing and Arithmetic – Apps for Learning the Basics

Send the kids back to school this year with an arsenal of education. Instead of fighting with your third grader over how much time he should spend practicing his multiplication, give him something fun to play instead. If your preschooler is learning her ABCs, offer a fun game to help her learn her words. We’ve gathered a list of some of the best apps for learning reading, writing and math to help your students get the most out of their education this year.

Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers HD ($3.99) Your young student will enjoy learning math with this fun learning app. Team Umizoomi dances onto the scene to help kids learn to count, write numbers, and add and subtract. Each game teaches fundamental math concepts focused at the preschool level. The game’s instructions are narrated by Milli, Geo, and Bot from the cast of Umizoomi. Preschoolers will be able to earn badges and trophies that are posted to Team Umizoomi’s Headquarters where they can collect points to earn a special key to Umi City. If your little one likes the residents of Umi City, he or she will love learning math from them.

My Math Flash Cards App (Free) This simple app is the perfect way to practice your simple math skills. It can be adjusted for different skill levels so that little learners don’t find it too hard while more proficient learners don’t find it too easy. You can select the number of questions to be answered from 25 to 50 and select how many digits to factor. The young ones may need single-digit equations focused on addition and subtraction while the older kids could be solving multiplication and division using up to nine digits. It is so easy to pick up and play that students can grab an iPad and start learning right away.

Grammar Games by Tap To Learn ($0.99) Grammar can be a hard subject when you are learning how to write. This app turns the tedious into the terrific by utilizing fun games to teach kids how to identify parts of speech, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, interjections and conjunctions. Kids are shown words as they related to images to help reinforcement of visual learning. Plus, the games help keep the knowledge in their heads for all time.  The two modes of gameplay, Flight Take Off and Flight Landing, incorporated word identification and association. The key to learning with Grammar Games is that kids don’t have to just memorize the rules. They can play with them, too.

SentenceBuilder for iPad ($5.99)This app is the perfect learning tool to help elementary school students learn how to write proper sentences. Using 100 different pictures to help visualize the sentence, kids pick phrases from a click wheel that represent the subject, noun, action and more. There are also two teenager modules available through in-app purchases for when your little one is no longer little. This app includes encouragement animation and audio reinforcement that are designed to support children with language therapy needs. However, all kids will be able to enjoy the app’s distinct learning mechanisms. Everyone appreciates encouragement when they are learning.

Montessori Crosswords ($2.99) One of the best ways to learn how to spell is through crossword puzzles. Not only do you have to know the meaning of a word, but you must also know how many letters are in the word and how to spell it correctly. One misplaced vowel and you’ll never be able to solve the puzzle. This app helps children learn phonics by featuring a sound association with each letter. It also includes animations and interactive visual effects, capital letters, lower-case letters and cursive letters. Based on the Montessori learning method, each crossword puzzle features word-image association combined with audio-phonics association that is used in a fun and creative way.

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