Netatmo – The Personal Weather Station for Your iPad, iPhone

Storm chasers love this time of year. There are plenty of tornadoes, tropical storms and hurricanes to measure the wind speed of. Those who live in hurricane alley may not be too pleased with the upcoming summer storm season, but weather hobbyists will delight in a new urban weather station by Netatmo.

This new weather tracking device includes a personal weather station for monitoring temperature, humidity, air quality, and so on, which is positioned inside and outside your home.

Netatmo’s kit also comes with a handy-dandy iPad and iPhone app that sends you real-time alerts about the current weather conditions.

To use the weather tracker, set up the indoor and outdoor modules in their respective places and download the Netatmo Weather Station app. The modules store the sensory information at Netatmo’s data base and the app receives that information.

The convenience of this personal weather station is that you can find out about current conditions around your house no matter where you are.

If you are at work and a tornado is headed toward your house, you’ll know whether you need to tell the family to get to the basement, or whether you still have time to hunker down with them. If you are on vacation in Hawaii, you’ll know whether to tell the neighbor to get your dog into the house before the big storm hits.

The Netatmo Weather Station includes information on indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, CO2, and sound (so you know how close the lightning is to your house). You will also get a detailed seven-day forecast, air quality index, and a light indicator for direct CO2 readings.

The personal weather station costs $179 and comes with two weather-reading modules, and various accessories for setting up the stations, as well as the free monitoring app that can be used on multiple devices so you will always know the weather at your house, no matter where you are.

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