Apple to Update AirPlay, Wi-Fi Router No Longer Required

According to a new report from The Telegraph, Apple will be updating its AirPlay streaming technology in the coming months. Currently, you need a Wi-Fi network to use AirPlay, but that’s set to change.

The new system will allow devices like Apple’s iPad and iPhone to send content to speakers or other audio receivers without the need for a Wi-Fi network at all, instead functioning similarly to Bluetooth.

In this scenario, the iPad or the iPhone would work as its own network to form a direct connection with AirPlay speakers, eliminating the need for the Wi-Fi connection.

The new AirPlay, which has been labeled “AirPlay Direct,” is expected to be released on September 12, along with the next generation iPhone.

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  • David Allen

    I will wait and see then as I was thinking of getting a new router to go with the Apple TV purchase I am about to pull the trigger on.