Add a Digital Fingerprint to Your iDevices with Findables

Findables is one of those innovative products that as soon as you see it you wonder why it doesn’t already exist, because it makes so much sense. Findables is actually a dual purpose system that can be incorporated into your life in a wide variety of ways.

First of all, let me explain what it is. Findables uses a digital fingerprint, or QR code to store personal information about you, including all of your social networking profiles and ways to get in contact with you.

The company then puts this personalized fingerprint on a range of items, from iPhone and iPad cases, to tags, to stickers.

When you or someone else scans your QR code, your personalized Findables URL comes up. Using this URL, people can add to you to their social networks, making it a handy way to quickly grab someone’s full contact information.

That’s one way the product can be used, as a digital business card. Findables also comes in handy if you happen to lose something precious, like your iPhone. If you have the Findables case on your phone (or your iPad), if the devices is lost, it can be scanned so that the finder can locate you with no hassle.

This week, I’ve been using one of the Findables iPhone cases (the iPad cases aren’t quite available yet) and an included tag, and I can tell you now that this is a great system.

The case is thin, well made, and attractive, making it an easy replacement for my previous iPhone case. Mine is a bright, vibrant pink, but these cases come in a number of colors. Since they’re attached to the phone in two pieces you can mix and match, but the iPad cases are solid color.

When it is scanned, my personalized Findables URL comes up. It includes a photo, a bit of information about me, and links to all of my favorite social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. There’s also a link to my email address, and in the future, I’m sure these fully customizable profiles will include even more information.

I feel a lot better knowing my contact information is right on my case if my phone should be lost, though I admit, I don’t expect the average person to know to scan the code, or to know what to use to scan the code. I know that if I handed the case over to my fairly technologically inclined mother (she has an iPhone, an iPad, uses apps, and has a MacBook) she wouldn’t know what to do with it.

QR codes are fairly ubiquitous though, and with a product like Findables, it’s likely that usage will become more well known. The new version if iOS 6 will include a QR reader, making it even more simple.

I love that these just aren’t iPhone and iPad cases, too. The stickers and the tags can be attached to almost anything, from pets and suitcases to keys and purses, ensuring that anything lost is easy to find. In fact, after using the system, I intend to order more stickers and tags, along with a business card for easily sharing my contact info with people.

Findables is clever, the cases are stylish, and I highly recommend giving it a try. The project is currently listed on Indiegogo, where you can contribute to be a part of it.

It only takes a $1 donation to get a sticker, and $20 to get a case for your phone. It’ll be $75 for a pack of accessories that also includes an iPad case, and for those of you who are planning on upgrading to the iPhone 5, Findables is also offering cases for the new device at the same prices.

What do you think of Findables? Is this a project you’ll consider backing? This is one new idea I’d love to see come to fruition.

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