SmartThings Make Your World Smarter via iOS

Does your dog often get out of the yard? Are you prone to leaving the lights on when you leave the house? Where are those darn car keys?

SmartThings, a brand new Kickstarter project, aims to help you with these problems and more by connecting ordinary objects to a cloud-based control center, and to your smart phone.

With SmartThings, you can connect items in your physical world to the Internet so that you can monitor, control, automate, and use them from anywhere, home or office.

SmartThings also comes with SmartApps, which are apps that allow you to interact with your SmartThings using an iPhone (or possibly an iPad, in the future).

What are some of the things you can do with the SmartApps and SmartThing combined? You can control the air conditioner, turn the lights off and on, control the fan, and open doors.

SmartApps monitor the weather, allowing you to turn off the sprinklers when its raining, or double check that the windows are closed. You can also set it up to turn on the TV and lights at random intervals when you’re away from home to warn off would be thieves.

There’s a SmartApp that will keep an eye on your pet, and let you know if he or she gets out of the yard, and another that continually tests for water leakage somewhere in the house.

You can even remotely monitor drawers and cabinets with valuable or dangerous items, and the app will let you know if they are disturbed. Perfect for those pesky college roommates who are always borrowing your clothes and stealing your food.

SmartApps can do nearly anything you can dream up, and SmartThings works with a ton of different objects. The only limit? Your imagination.

You can get SmartThings by backing the project on Kickstarter. The entry level Earlybird SmartThings Pack will run you approximately $149, which nets you a SmartThings hub and three Things to attach to your stuff. You can get extra Things by pledging more, and because the project is already funded, it’s a sure thing.

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