Confirmed: iPad Mini to Launch in October

iPad MiniAccording to AllThingsD, that much rumored iPad mini is indeed real, and it will be released to the public not in September with the fifth generation iPhone, but in October, at an entirely separate event.

Rumors are circulating that Apple is planning a September 12 event to announce its newest iPhone, and many speculated that the event might also include Apple’s smaller tablet.

So far, while we’ve seen various parts of the mini, along with a few third party cases, there has been no concrete evidence that the diminutive tablet actually exists. AllThingsD did not reveal the sources behind its bolds statement.

The iPad mini is expected to have a 7.85-inch display, supporting the resolution of the original iPad. Not a lot else is known, but if such a tablet exists, it will carry a sub-$300 price tag.

Apple, of course, declined to comment on the October release rumor, but if there are events to be held in both months, it’s shaping up to be a very Apple-oriented autumn.

Do you believe that Apple is going to release an iPad mini? Will we see it this year?

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  • John Gurnick

    Very strategic (and no surprise 😉 by Apple – One event after another in the logical sequence. You see functionality you welcome in the iPhone 5 and some of it carries forward to the new iPad and the Mini – Well done.