PadGadget Essentials: This Week’s Apps and Accessories for Back to School

Students of all ages will be heading back to school this month, so this week on PadGadget, we covered all the essential iPad tools will help students, young and old, excel in their classes.

Check out our list of back to school essentials to see what you missed – plus a few must have surprises.



We started the week off with a list of great apps for any college student, which included awesome note taking app Notability, along with Day One, the perfect app for documenting the entire college experience. There are some other gems in there, so make sure to check out the full list.

Evernote for iPad

One app we didn’t mention that’s an important tool for students of all ages is Evernote, which is the ultimate remember everything app, with to-do lists, picture taking abilities, notes, and voice reminders. It syncs across all of your devices and even integrates with another essential app, Dropbox.

iStudiez Pro

Next, we covered apps that high school students might find of interest. iStudiez Pro is a comprehensive organizational app that will help students create a detailed schedule that includes all courses, lectures, labs, tasks, assignments, papers, and deadlines. Graphing Calculator HD was another must have for students in Algebra and Calculus classes.

If you happen to be on the high school yearbook staff, you’ll also want to check out our list of helpful apps. In the marching band? Here’s your list.

Teachers will want to take a gander at our list of top five apps for instructors, which includes ultra handy apps like Teacher’s Assistant Pro and MathBoard. If you’re a student and want to keep your teachers happy, our list of helpful reference apps might just help.

World Atlas HD

When you’re not in class, keep that brain tuned with fun and useful brain games, and if you plan on studying abroad this year, you won’t want to miss our rundown on the best travel journal apps.


If you need a case for school, XHiBT makes some great book-style iPad cases that are both gorgeous and functional. We did a review of the versatile Inspiria Metallic Flip Case, which has a built-in typing and video watching stand, making it perfect for class.

Need even more versatility? The Booqpad is the ultimate student iPad case, combining a notepad and a case into one. It’s got a sharp design, and plenty of pockets for essentials like a stylus, cash, and cards.

Do you have your own back to school iPad essentials? We’d love to hear about them!

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