Jury Finds Samsung Guilty of Patent Infringement – Apple Awarded over $1 Billion in Damages

It appears the jury in the Apple vs Samsung trial was eager to enjoy their weekend, as word came in at 2:52 PM PST that they had reached a verdict after only three days of deliberations.  Their speed in making a decision is definitely quite a surprise, considering that they had to deal with 109 pages of instructions and complete over 600 questions as part of the process.

The verdict?  Samsung had better start emptying their coffers, as the jury has awarded Apple a whopping $1,051,855,000 in damages! Yep, that’s over a billion dollars.  The biggest offender is the Prevail smartphone, which earned Apple over $57 million in damages.

Samsung’s claims?  All denied.  Damages owed by Apple?  Zilch.

It’s a complex verdict that covers many patent infringement claims, and in many cases only some of Samsung’s devices were determined to have infringed on Apple’s patents.  One surprising result was that the jury did not find that Samsung infringed upon patent D’889 with the Galaxy Tab, “trade dress registration of the iPad’s appearance,” when the tablets did appear so similar.  The only protectable trade dress that Apple proved was the iPhone 3G model.

Apple was also able to prove that Samsung is “barred by patent exhaustion” in enforcing two key 3G wireless patents which Samsung included in its claims against the Cupertino company.

After everyone reassembled in the courtroom, both parties agreed that each should take 10-15 minutes to review the verdict if there are inconsistencies after it was read.  If any are found, such as damages awarded for invalid patents, the jury could be sent back into deliberation.

Apple might not have won everything, but they definitely came out on top enough to make this a very important day in the history of the mobile device industry and a very bad day for Samsung.

We fully expect Samsung will appeal the verdict and this will continue to play out in the courts for some time.

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