Don’t Hold Your Breath for an Apple Branded TV this Year

Apple TVMeetings being held between top analysts and Apple’s executive staff haven’t shown much promise for a significantly updated Apple TV coming from the company any time soon. Consumers may still remain hopeful that those expectations are wrong and that we are nearing the television-related breakthrough we have seen hints of (from the Steve Jobs biography as much as anything).

This is a good thing, for many reasons.

If we set aside the suppositions that there is a product in the works and assume that there is, the delay in taking it to market is typical Apple if it means that what they have right now isn’t stable or truly ready. It may be buggy software, it may be waiting on legal battles to be settled before production and supplier arrangements can be made (or even payments for patent use), it may be that they are still working on contractual arrangements with content providers. Whatever it is, the wait with Apple is generally worth it.

It may also be that they have other launches that are taking priority. If they succeed at making Apple-fans salivate over a new iPhone and an iPad Mini this fall, it would seem like ill-advised competition to also release a television product at a time of year (the ever-looming holiday season) that is already hard enough to afford.

The other possibility that shouldn’t be discounted is that Apple is trying to sneak up on us with this product; fake us out by making it seem that there is nothing to be had and then delivering something alltogether exciting and wonderful.

I have one more theory in my bag of tricks: Apple TV as we know it and expect it is becoming obsolete. With the power of AirPlay, why do we need anything other than some sort of ‘dongle’ that connects to our existing televisions that harnesses the already-owned and familiar iPhone and iPad potential?

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