Chinese Case Reveals iPad Mini Will Feature Back-Facing Camera

iPad MiniEverybody loves a good Apple rumor and there has been no shortage of those when it comes to the possibility of an iPad Mini. Photos and details regarding potential parts and accessories for the yet-non-existent device seem to be floating around out there and may just indicate that our hopes and dreams for a smaller iPad will come true.

And as much as we love trying to guess whether a particular product is going to be launched, we equally love trying to guess what features it might include and how they may look. Such is the case with new reports that a case for the iPad Mini has been spotted in China and that it includes a plastic clip on the rear over that likely accommodates a rear-facing camera (but likely without an LED flash).

Other details revealed by the supposed iPad Mini case include a thinner bezel than we are used to on the larger iPad, a familiar-placed volume control on the right side with the headphone jack and now-moved rotation/mute toggle switch over on the left. The other suggestion by the news source is that the speaker for the new tablet would be found on the bottom of the tablet instead of on the back.

The case also supports the rumors that the new dock connectors are going to be smaller (perhaps eight pin and multi-directional).

Fun to think about and just as likely to be false as it could be true, we are going to have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us (pun wasn’t originally intended). Expectations continue to swirl around a September 12 event launching something (be it the iPhone 5, iPad Mini or something else entirely), while others like myself still think we may have two events (an October launch following the first in September) if there are truly two devices.

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