Top Travel Journal Apps for Studying Abroad

Whether you’re spending your senior year in Paris or just hitting the road for the winter break, we’ve got the apps you need for keeping track of your daily adventures. Make sure you don’t leave home without your iPad and, since you’ll have it with you, make sure you have these travel journal apps to document your trip.

Chronicle for iPad ($2.99) Keep track of your trip without the distractions of Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes, you just need to keep your thoughts private and this app lets you write down what is on your mind quickly and conveniently. With distraction free writing and customizable design, you’ll be able to express your thoughts and keep them safely locked up by setting a passcode. You don’t have to keep things private though. Some bloggers have made a living telling the world about their daily travel trials. You can export any of your journal entries, including images, to email, Dropbox, Google Docs, a viewable website, or as a PDF.

Worldwide Guide & Travel Journal (Free)This app is dedicated to the traveler. It features a path recorder so you can let people know where you have been,  easy photo uploader so you can flood your journal with images of the places you visit, and easy organization so you don’t have to do the work yourself. If you are planning on sharing your adventure with friends and family back home, upload your entries to so everyone can keep track. You can even add journal entries from previous trips. If you took pictures with your iPhone, the geolocalized information will automatically sync with your journal. This app also includes hundreds of travel guides, each with a map and list of relevant places to visit.

Road Trip Journal ($2.99) One of the most important things to keep track of when you are on a road trip is expenses, especially if you are sharing your trip with a group of people. Who owes what for gas? Didn’t someone buy dinner the other night? How much did the hotel cost for four people? All of this muddled math can be easily worked out with Road Trip Journal. This app will figure out how to split the check, evenly or unevenly, keep track of and settle up debts, and determine how much gas each person should pay. You can also drop pins at all your road trip stops, upload photos and keep a journal of your adventure.

US Travel Log ($2.99) If you’ve always dreamed of hopping in an RV and hitting the road to visit every state in the US, this is the app for you. You can enter information for cities you’ve visited, dates you made your trip, duration of time spent in a particular state, and more. As you visit more states, you’ll be able to tally up how many places you’ve been and even see a list of states you have not yet visited. This app allows you to add multiple travelers so the whole family can keep track of the states they have visited.

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