New iOS Dock Connector Picture of Cable Leaked

We’ve been hearing for some time now that Apple is doing away with the 30-pin dock connector that it has been using in its products for years now, and today, photos surfaced revealing the slimmer look of the dock connector that will be used in future versions of the iPhone and the iPad.

iDevice news site iLounge just released a photo depicting the cable that will be bundled with new iPads and iPhones, showing off the new, significantly smaller dock connector.

The picture includes the entire cable, which appears to be unchanged, and the strain relief components attached to each end. There are both text and a scannable code on the USB end of the cable, features that are unlikely to make it into the final version.

It is likely that we will be seeing Apple’s new dock connector ports in just a few weeks, with the release of the next generation iPhone. At this point, the rumors have the iPhone’s debut occurring sometime in September.

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