Looking for a New Game for Your Next Party? Give Stumped a Try – iPad Game Review

Stumped is a multiplayer trivia game that promises to be tons of fun for the entire family. This is a game that’s designed to be played with friends or family, over local Wi-Fi.

You can download Stumped, which is a free app, onto as many iDevices as you would like. Only one person needs to host, and the rest can join the game, so only one person needs to purchase in-app content in the form of questions. Six people can play at one time.

The trial version of the game comes with 200 single player questions, a trial hosting option with a limited number of questions, and the ability to join any hosted game.

Questions in Stumped come from a variety of categories, and range from easy to difficult. You might get a question asking how many letters there are in the alphabet, or you might be asked to count to four in Japanese.

When you begin a game for the first time, you’ll be prompted to choose an avatar from an array of hand-drawn creatures. Each player will pick and avatar and a name, and then the game can begin.

Games on your local network are automatically displayed, so you don’t need to mess with any settings to start playing.

Questions are displayed on the screen, and you’re given four answers to choose from. Your job is to tap the correct answer as quickly as possible to get the most points. Sometimes, questions will be in other forms, but it always takes just simple tap gestures to answer.

If you can’t find anyone to play with, don’t worry! You can play Stumped in single player mode, where you level up to earn rewards.

In both single player and multiplayer mode, players are given power ups to help them win against other players. One power up turns questions upside down while another one blacks out the screen for ten seconds. You will need to use these strategically to come out victorious.

The trial version of the game is limited, but the full game comes with more than a thousand single player questions, over 1600 multiplayer questions, hosting capabilities, eight different game presets, and free content updates in the future.

What I liked: This app worked flawlessly with multiple devices. It was equally easy to host and join a game, and the interface was well done and simple to use.

What I didn’t like: The questions were pretty hard. I’d like to see a question pack oriented at younger players so that all family members can play.

To buy or not to buy: Stumped is a fun trivia game with any easy to use layout. It’s the perfect party game, and since it costs just $0.99 to unlock all of the questions, it’s a great deal too.

  • App Name: Stumped
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: FortyDigital
  • Price: Free/$0.99
  • Score:

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