Government Embraces iPad – Puts U.S. Economic Data in Simple App

There’s a new app in the App Store courtesy of the United States government. America’s Economy, from the U.S. Census Bureau, provides iPad and iPhone owners with up-to-date statistics on the U.S. economy, complete with monthly economic trends and economic indicators.

The app includes information from the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, each of which produce monthly reports on the U.S. economy.

America’s Economy will give iDevice users a real-time look at 16 government statistics on business hiring, retail sales, residential sales, unemployment, construction spending, and more.

All of these statistics should be of use to small business owners, journalists, bankers, economists, policy makers, and individuals interested in monitoring U.S. economic data.

The app is designed to provide alerts each time economic indicators are updated, and statistical release schedules can be added to personal calendars. Furthermore, news from the app can be easily shared on both Facebook and Twitter.

America’s Economy for the iPad can currently be downloaded from the App Store for free.

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