Recall the Lost Art of Letter Writing with ‘Letter’ — iPad App Review

LetterOnce upon a time, not that long ago, letter writing was an art-form and it was a skill taught in school and carried forward with you as you moved through life. These days, we are lucky to get text messages from our friends, family and colleagues and even luckier if it doesn’t contain a string of characters that require code-breaking skills to interpret (OMG UR L8! NM BRT!) With the help of the Letter app, you can easily create and format letters on your iPad in a way that is fast and amazingly simple.

With a few settings you can have this app creating letters like the personal assistant you wish you had. Choose sender and date alignment, whether you want fold marks, page numbers, decide on a font type and size and even set your margins just how you like them. From there, all that remains is a blank canvas waiting for your brilliant verbiage.

The app does a lot of things that you might expect, including pulling recipients directly from your address book (or senders, if you are writing a letter on behalf of another person) and you can choose to print them with AirPrint, send by e-mail or open in other applications that support the PDF format.

What may surprise you is that letters can be signed directly within the app and they are stored securely and synchronized between all of your devices using iCloud. Also, for those of you with International addresses –this app will format them correctly as well.

Letter Screenshot

What I liked: The interface for Letter is very lightweight and easy to use. Getting up to speed with using this app will take moments and it runs incredibly fast.

What I didn’t like: The advantage of this app is also the downfall. It is very single-purpose, which is wonderful if you find yourself needing to write letters, but in some ways it may be nice to have a multi-use word processing application at your fingertips instead.

To buy or not to buy: This app is perfect for two types of people: those who write letters all the time and want a simple way to take care of that task on their iPad or those who write letters so rarely that they can use a helping hand with laying it out nicely and easily.

  • App Name: Letter
  • Version Reviewed: 2.0.0
  • Category: Productivity
  • Developer: David Uebelacker
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:


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