Mattel Brings iPad to Life with Toys that Interact with iPad Games

Just when you think technological innovation can’t possibly grow any bigger, someone comes along and knocks you off your feet with something new.

Mattel is about to take it up a notch with a new line of toys that interact with iPad apps from some of the most popular apps and brands. From Hot Wheels to Fruit Ninja, you’ll be interacting with the iPad in ways you never thought imaginable until now.

Using special “screen-safe” plastic, the Apptivity line of toys are placed on top of the iPad’s screen where they interact with apps that were created specifically for the toy. For example, grab an Apptivity Hot Wheels toy and download the free Apptivity Hot Wheels game. Synce the toy with the app by placing it on the iPad screen and discover what you can do with it.

There are special contact points on the bottom of the toy that allow the app to identify what it is. If you have a red Hot Wheel or a yellow one, the app will know the difference. Depending on which WWE wrestler you pick you‘ll be able to battle it out in the ring with other opponents.

Each app can be played without an Apptivity toy using basic touch screen controls. Some apps already exist, Like Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope, but will unlock special mini games and multiplayer modes when triggered by an Apptivity toy. Most apps are free. Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja are not. However they both have “Lite” versions.

The current line of Mattel Apptivity toys include Hot Wheels, BATMAN, WWE, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope and Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Case for iPad. In October, Monster High will be added to the lineup. All compatible games can be found through Mattel’s Apptivity Central App.

Toys run between $9.99 for a single pack and $19.99 for a two-pack with accessories. They can be purchased online through Amazon or at various retail stores, including Apple Retail, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart.

Find out more about Mattel’s new line of Apptivity toys and apps at the company’s website.

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  • Amy Austin

    We had a chance to try these at Gencon, they were pretty fun. You DEFINITELY want to make sure that your child is old enough to understand the difference between the safe Hot Wheels and their regular Hot Wheels, though, otherwise you’re going to end up with a scratched screen. My 20 month old isn’t old enough to understand. My 5 year old might be. My 7 year old definitely is. Your child may vary.