Infinity Blade Creators to Release ‘Vote!!!’ – An Obama vs. Romney iPad Game to Determine Who will be the Next President

Are you tired of all the mud slinging on television ads that are constantly bombarding your favorite shows? Do you wish President Obama and Governor Romney would just duke it out and let the winner take the spoils?

Well, Epic Games’ and chAIR Entertainment has made your wish come true with their newest battle game, Vote!!!

Players can pick the winner of the next presidential election by picking their favorite candidates and squaring off with the respective opponent. Fight as incumbent Barak Obama and don a super hero costume, or loosen the suit and tie as Mitt Romney, complete with light saber.

Players can dress the candidates up in a variety of outfits, including Uncle Sam, a karate gi, a disco dancer, and more. Players can add weapons like a microphone, a rocket pop, and ice cream cone, and others.  There are also fun accessories like sunglasses and powdered wigs.

“The game becomes more than just a single-player fight between Obama and Romney,” Donald Mustard, co-founder and creative director of chAIR Entertainment told CNN. “There’s this cool metagame where millions of people around the country will be playing the game and earning votes. If you’re actually voting for Obama, then you’ll likely be playing as him in the game. So we’ll have this running tally of who’s winning the election, at least in terms of battling it out in this cool new game.”

Even though this is all fun and games, Vote!! is not just fun and games. The developers have teamed up with Rock the Vote, Video Game Voters Network and Project Vote Smart to provide real-world voter resources and links to registration in your town. Players can find out about what the candidates’ stances are on certain issues and learn more about the voting process.

“The gaming community is comprised of passionate, well-informed individuals who have an important voice in our democracy,” said Chrissy Faessen, VP of Marketing & Communications, Rock the Vote. “We are really excited to partner with ChAIR and Epic Games to encourage voter registration among gamers, in a completely new and innovative way.”

The game is not intended to sway your voting decision at all. It is full of clever quips and funny battles. There are even a few tag lines thrown in for fun. “We’re keeping it all nonpartisan and safe but very funny,” Mustard said. “It’s not too heated. We’re not getting into health care or issues like that. These lines spice up the gameplay and keeps things fun.”

Vote!!! will be released as a free game in the US tomorrow. It is already available today in some countries.

Check out the fun trailer below for an idea of what is to come. If you are having trouble viewing it, click here for a direct link to the video on YouTube.

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