Verizon Vacation Blackout Points to iPhone 5 Launch on September 21

VerizonVerizon is almost certainly gearing up for something, with a tip coming from an employee that indicates the company has an all-staff vacation blackout from Friday, September 121 until September 30. Sure there could be a multitude of reasons for this kind of decision, but the most likely cause is in response to the increased resource demand that comes from a new product launch… like the iPhone 5 perhaps? It seems pretty likely this is the case, with an announcement already expected from Apple on Wednesday, September 12.

The release of a new iPhone is especially important for iPad users, as the technology that debuts in Apple’s signature smartphone has a tendancy to pop up in later versions of the iPad –and this go around it will almost certainly come with iOS 6 which is of great interest to anybody with an iOS device of any time.

As an iPad user with iOS 6, you can look forward to having a number of exciting additions and updates including finally being able to user Siri from your tablet, better FaceBook integration (much like what we experienced with Twitter in iOS5), better iCloud integration, updated Mail features like assigning VIP status to particular contacts, shareable Photo Streams and the new Apple Maps built-in app.

The other question we all want answered is whether Apple has an iPad Mini ready for us as well. Would they launch it at the same time as a new iPhone? Is it possible the would launch it -instead- of a new iPhone (if it was 3G it would explain why Verizon is poised for the release). Would iPhone users revolt en masse if they had to wait a little longer for an update to their beloved smartphones?

Presuming the rumors are right and at a minimum we can expect the iPhone 5 announcement in early September, the detail we are missing, regardless of the specific date, is whether Apple (and their resellers) will allow pre-orders –if past history repeats itself I believe they will. Do you have your credit card ready yet?

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