Office Web Apps Now iPad Friendly, Sign that Office for iPad is Still a Possibility?

In May, there were a flurry of rumors from The Daily that Microsoft was planning on releasing an Office suite app for the iPad in November of 2012.

Many people were excited, because currently, the only way to write and edit documents with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel is through third party applications like CloudOn.

Unfortunately, when Microsoft did reveal its new suite of mobile apps, Office 15, support for the iPad was not included.

Instead, Microsoft’s Office 15, which was unveiled in July, was designed solely for Windows 8, leaving little hope that an iPad version might be forthcoming.

Today, however, Microsoft Office 365, which is Microsoft’s cloud-based Office Web App, was updated for users who access the service on an iPad.

The new preview version of Office 365 features larger, finger-ready controls. Text selection, contextual menus, and several other elements have all been tweaked. Multi-touch gestures, like pinch to zoom, are also supported.

These changes, while nice, are important for another reason. It seems that Microsoft is not abandoning Apple’s products all together, once again renewing the hope that an official Office app might be brought to the iPad in the future.

[via Engadget]

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