Apple Asks Resellers to Significantly Increase iPad Display Space for September Event

iPad MiniIt looks like something iPad related is coming during the mysterious September 12 event that Apple is planning for.

According to MacRumors, Apple Premium Resellers in Europe have been asked by Apple to create additional table space for iPad displays during the next few weeks.

One source has named September 12 as the deadline for when the space adjustments need to be completed. To make the extra space, Apple’s Mac Pro and Mac mini computers are being sidelined, and iPod and headphone displays will be cut back.

This is not the first time the September timeline has been thrown about, and Apple is expected to release the next generation iPhone at the event, whenever it occurs. It is also entirely possible that Apple will also introduce the iPad mini, as it has been dubbed by the media.

In an update, MacRumors says that the shift is designed to give the iPad, which represents 55 percent of dollar share sales at resellers, more display space. Currently the iPad receives 15 percent of display space, and with the change it will be bumped up to 45 percent. At this point, it is unclear if the extra space will accommodate new iPads.

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