A Hands-On Look at the Inspiria Metallic Flip Case from XHiBT – iPad Gear Review

I first came across the Inspiria book-style cases from XHiBT back in July, and I loved them as soon as I saw them.

I’ve always been a fan of iPad book-style cases, such as the Dodocase, the Portenzo, and the Octavo from Pad and Quill, but I could tell from the photos that the XHiBT might just outclass them all. After spending a few days with the XHiBT, I can confirm that it’s the most meticulously crafted book-style case that I’ve seen.

Construction and Materials

I tested an Inspiria Metallic iPad Flip Case with a gorgeous metallic pink and purple color scheme. Each of these cases is hand cut, shaped, and assembled, and that definitely shows in the quality of the case that I received.

The cradle of the case is made from a sturdy bamboo, and like the Dodocase, the Inspiria has rubber corners to hold the iPad in place. The corners provide a tight, secure fit, and after tucking my iPad inside, I was unable to dislodge it, even when I turned it upside down and shook it.

This is a case that will keep your iPad safe from scratches and scuffs, but it’s also a case that will protect it if you drop it from a reasonable distance.


XHiBT’s cases are shaped by craftsman who previously worked on constructing wood surfboards, so all of the cutouts and shaping are well done. The binding is done by a 100-year-old bindery, and all of the materials used in the case are high quality.

I’ve used other cases like this, and even the bamboo in the Inspiria is smoother, better cut, and splinter free.

The case itself is unlike any other book-style case that I’ve seen, because of its unique A-frame design, which provides a stand for the iPad.

It’s hard to describe the metallic sheen of the cover, but it is richly pigmented and totally eye-catching. It literally sparkles in the sunlight. The binding on the Inspiria is entirely flawless and the cover folds flat over the iPad. The case comes in an array of bright colors, from pink and purple to green and blue.

One negative I noticed – at some point during the four days that I used this case, I managed to get a decent sized scuff on the pink metallic cover, which doesn’t look like it’s going to come out.


Book cases are not typically known for their versatility, but the Inspiria Flip Case is different because the three-fold design lets you use the cover as a stand.

You can use the Flip Case in for stability in a number of ways, in landscape or in portrait mode. It’s technically designed only for landscape mode, and the notch in the case will keep it upright on any surface, but I was able to use it in several different positions with a reasonable amount of stability.

The case can be folded at the notch for the perfect viewing angle, and folded underneath to provide a typing stand. I was pleased with the case in every day use, and the typing stand was especially useful. The Inspiria was far more versatile than the average book-style case.

I will say, though, that versatility comes at a cost. The Inspiria Flip Case is not a compact iPad case. It has a significant heft to it, being both heavy and thick, because of the extra stand function. It is a bigger case than the Dodocase or similar cases.


If you’re a fan of book-style cases, you aren’t going to get a higher quality case than XHiBT’s Inspiria line. If you don’t mind a bit of extra weight, the typing and viewing stand that is included with the Flip Case is ultra handy, but if you’re looking for a slimmer option, there’s also an Inspiria Classic Case.


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  • maybeinoregon

    I think this company Xhibt is good at taking orders, but not good at
    fulfilling orders, and definitely a fail at customer service. I ordered
    a case from them and saw my bank account charged the next day.
    However, when I didn’t receive a shipping notice, I sent them an email
    inquiring about my order – no reply. I waited another 3 days, sent
    another email and left voice mail – no reply. Finally 7 days into no
    replies – I sent email and voice mail cancelling order – again, no
    reply. 14 days after I ordered the cover, it arrived. To this day, no
    replies to either my emails or my voice mails. As far as I’m concerned,
    it’s just a fancy front to someone working out of their garage – BUYER