Save on Apps! – Walmart Selling $100 iTunes Cards for Only $80

As the school year begins, so does the cost of books and other such educational supplies. Is your child’s school one of the early adopters of the iPad textbook program? If so, why not making your app-buying costs a little bit easier on the pocketbook by purchasing a gift card at 20 percent off of the full price. That’s right, Walmart is offering a $100 iTunes gift card for only $80.

The discounted gift card is good for a redemption code for $100 in iTunes purchases, including books, games, TV shows, movies, music and more. Once you’ve made it through the purchase process, you’ll receive an email from with an access code that you can either use on your own account or send to someone else as a gift. The code is good for iOS iTunes and Mac OSX iTunes.

If the process is working properly, it should take less than 30 minutes to have your $100 credit. However, it could take up to 48 hours to receive your confirmation.

Currently, the online purchase of the $100 gift card for only $80 has sold out. However, the company may replenish their stock before the day is over. There doesn’t seem to be any other iTunes gift card offers for such a huge savings at this time. Hopefully, Walmart will restock theirs soon.

[Via: PCMag]

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